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The contribution and impact Orchard Park Fire District EMS has had on its community is great.  Lives have been saved because of their efforts.  They have dramatically reduced response times down to an average of 3.35 minutes, which is less than the national average of 8 minutes.  By providing a Paramedic level response, nearly every patient is evaluated by an  Advanced Level Provider.  The providers of Orchard Park Fire District EMS, both career and part time staff alike, possess hundreds of combined years of EMS experience and have educated District members and their community in CPR, ACLS, PALS, PEPP, and ITLS.  District providers who were previously uninterested or lacked confidence to provide patient care now work along side the career providers.  The Volunteer providers are better educated, more confident and are kept up-to-date on their clinical skills.  This has helped motivate these volunteers to become EMTs and Advanced level providers themselves.  The teamwork between the Orchard Park Fire District and Orchard Park Fire District EMS has truly produced a positive, innovative agency that has improved the quality of life in their community. 



Orchard Park Fire District Emergency Medical Services Inc. will continue to supply the best care to the members of our community in their time of need by providing a broad range of services utilizing superb practices that assures the taxpayers receive value and the community achieves long term success with 100% safety, including the highest level of pre-hospital care to our citizens with a faster response time.

Thank you cards

 "I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for your team's response to an emergency situation my husband recently experienced.  In July, my husband David went into respiratory failure.  The first responder arrived within minutes with more help quickly following.  Everyone involved did an incredible job not only in attending to my husbands needs and stabilizing him for transport to the ER, but in doing what they could to keep me calm and apprised of his condition.  They successfully got him to the ER and he has completely recovered. Their efforts definitely saved his life and we are so immensely grateful.

A PA at the hospital stated that we were very lucky to have received help from the medics we had or the outcome may not have gone so well. 

We would like to send our gratitude to everyone.  Thank you so much for the service you provide."


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