NYS CME Recert Program

The Continuing Medical Education (CME) Recertification Program is a state-widerecertification option that allows a Certified First Responder (CFR), Emergency Medical Technician (EMT), Advanced Emergency Medical Technician (AEMT), Emergency Medical Technician – Critical Care (EMT- CC), or Paramedic to renew certification without the need to complete a cognitive or psychomotor certification examination. To qualify to participate in the program, candidates must;
a) Be currently certified;
b) Be free from criminal convictions that would bar the candidate from certification in accordance with NYCRR Title 10, Chapter 6, Part 800.8;
c) Be in continuous practice; actively providing prehospital patient care during their period of certification, at or below their level of certification.
d) Demonstrate competency in cognitive, affective, and psychomotor domains;
e) Complete required ongoing continuing medical education and skills proficiency verification.

Applicants must submit, through the participating agency, a BEMS Participant Registration Form (DOH-4226). This form must be received prior to, or at the time of, recertification in the CME Program.

Renewal applications must be postmarked at least 45 days before certification expires.

Applications may not be submitted more than 9 months prior to their current certification expiration date.

Participants must not allow their certification to expire during the Program. Expired certifications are not eligible for renewal through the CME Program. Participants who are taken off line are not eligible for renewal through the CME Program.

**Members participating in our CME program must have 25 documented patient contacts, where you are involved in patient care, and complete the "CME Program Continuous Practice form" to get credit for Continuous Practice no later than 7 days after the call. Documents produced after 7 days will not count towards continuous practice. 

*Continuous Practice - The definition of continuous practice and an “active” member of an agency will differ between agencies. However, BEMS considers proof of continuous practice as meeting the following requirements:

  1. Meeting the agency criteria for “active” member or employee of an EMS agency recognized by the Department, during their period of certification Participation in the New York State DOH Bureau of EMS 3 year CME Recertification Program requires that a participant remain in continuous practice. Continuous practice is defined by the Bureau of EMS as a NYS DOH certified EMT/AEMT who in addition to participating in continuing medical education, also responds to emergency and/or non-emergency requests for medical assistance representing the CME agency sponsoring their recertification, and on a routine basis provides pre-hospital patient care within their scope of practice as defined by Article 30 PHL and Title X NYCRR Part 800 during the recertification cycle up to and including the period of time that the recertification application has been submitted. Proof of active participation with patient care must be verifiable through run reports and PCR’s within the 3 year cycle prior to recertification. 
  2.  The agency is able to produce Patient Care Reports (PCR) with the CME participants name as providing care to the patient at the level of care for which the CME recertification is being sought. These Patient Care Reports must be dated after the CME participant received their last certification. 
  3. ALS providers must be currently providing care at the level for which recertification is being sought. For example, a NYS certified Paramedic must be providing Paramedic level care during the period since their last certification date and must be in good standing with the region in which the agency operates. This may mean that the Paramedic must be credentialed and online in the region in which they provide EMS care. If this provider never provided Paramedic level care during their last certification cycle, then he/she is not eligible to recertify through the CME program. 

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